About AED:


    AED was established in 1983 specializing in research,

    design, testing and development, and prototype

    manufacturing of advanced technology utilized by

    internal combustion engines.








    AED is comprised of a team of experienced engineers and

    designers, capable of turning new ideas into running



    Our engine design and development strategy is based on

    the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) concept: use of

    advanced technology production base engine

    configurations and components.  Through creative and

    imaginative engineering, AED develops new engines that

    save two or more years of development time and up to

    70% in capital costs.


    We specialize in using the COTS technique to create new

    high powered, fuel efficient variations of production

    engines that run on heavy fuels: diesel, bio-diesel, and



    AED is the first corporation in the world to design and

    build a true V-twin, air-cooled motorcycle engine to run

    on bio-diesel.



    Nicholas R. Hirsch - President/Founder, Senior Engineer


    For over 42 years Nicholas R. Hirsch has been a leader in

    creating and managing  programs that design, develop, test,

    and bring to production state-of-the-art internal combustion



    Along with his experience in this industry as an engineer

    and manager, he has vast knowledge and expertise in

    running a sustainable business and consulting with

    companies large and small in creating and developing

    running prototype engines that fit their needs.


    With over 30 years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps,

    Col. Hirsch (USMCR) has extensive experience in and

    knowledge of military equipment and operations.


    Nicholas J. Hirsch - Vice President of Engineering


    Nicholas J. Hirsch has over 25 years of experience leading

    multinational engineering teams in the design and

    development of new high volume,  electro mechanical and

    gas powered consumer products.   He has led several

    projects from concept development to production in the

    United States, China and Mexico.


    Lt.Col Hirsch (USMCR) has over 22 years of extensive

    experience as a U.S. Marine Infantry Officer and brings a

    broad knowledge of military equipment and operations.


    Regine M. Hirsch, PhD - Director of Strategy and Planning


    Regina M. Hirsch has over 20 years of experience in

    environmental research, grant writing, and contract

    management with public, academic, and non-profit sectors.






   AED has a 2800 sq. ft. facility located in Milwaukee,Wisconsin including two dyno test cells and

   a cold room to perform engine tests in temperatures to -25°F. The facility meets environmental

   regulations for the city, state, and federal governments.


   Equipment includes:


    Injection System Test Stand


    Machine Shop Equipment


    Engine Motoring Capability


    Dyno Test Instrumentation






  Gerhard Maier

  Owner and President

  Control Systems Inc (CSi)


  Mark Fisher

  Sales Manager

  Northern Power Products, Inc.


  Dan Mather

  Owner and President

  Digital Engines


  Harold McCormick


  C-K Engineering


  Ron Hoettels

  Owner and President

  SESCO Speed Engineering


  Ai LeGrande Wood III

  Owner and President

  DRC Engineering



  Steve Bethel

  Owner and President

  Leadfoot Engineering


  Jasper Engines and


  Engine and Transmission




   - Briggs & Stratton Corp.


   - WIS-CON Total Power


   - Harley-Davidson Motor



   - Ningguo Machinery

     Industry Co. China


   - United States Navy Sea

     Systems Command


   - United States Naval Air

     Systems Command


   - United States Army

     Tank and Automotive







    (3) 60 HP Eaton Eddy Current

    (1) 100 HP Go-Power, Water Brake

    (1) 15 HP, 20,000 RPM MAGTRON

    (1) 1600 HP, 10,000 RPM,

         Automated Control, Water

         Brake with Data Acquisition


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