Gray Eagles Consulting Group


    The Gray Eagles are a group of senior executives who have had very successful

    corporations or private business careers. They now have the time to use their extensive

    business, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing experience to advise clients on new

    or existing product analysis, evaluation, development and program planning. The group’s

    expertise lies mainly within internal combustion engines (gasoline and heavy fuels) and the

    products they power: motorcycles, lawn and garden, marine, and military vehicles.


    The consulting process is straightforward: listen well, ask the right questions, gain the

    confidence of your team, assimilate information, and quickly develop a situational analysis

    to enhance the probability of success. After the initial analysis phase, additional effort may

    be expended in the areas of: financial analysis and planning; product planning; and mergers/

    acquisitions/strategic alliances. We work with management teams in a way that gets them,

    and keeps them, involved in the problem solving process.


    The Gray Eagles are ready to work with you in advancing your existing product lines,

    developing new products, or analyzing your current operations.



Gray Eagles

Contact Information:


4338 West Monarch Place Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208


Phone: 414-342-1881





  The Eagles:



    Dave Caruso


    Dave has 38 years with large, multi-national corporations and small entrepreneurial

    ventures. He personally orchestrated a significant reorganization/turnaround for various

    companies. Coupled with an extensive educational background and interpersonal skills, Dave

    is well suited to work with lenders, investors, board-of-directors, and owners to "get inside

    the guts" of almost any business. Expertise: business and marketing; extensive recreational

    product experience.


    John Hickman


    General Manager of Hickman Hale Co. Experience: Corporation President, V.P.-Sales &

    Business Development, Manager of Product Planning & Development, Manager of Market

    Development, Manager of Product Development & Material Control, Director of Corporate

    Development, National Sales Manager Former Registered PE 7778 in Wisconsin.



    Nicholas R. Hirsch


    President of Advanced Engines Development Corp. Expertise: Business development,

    engineering, corporate management, manufacturing, program management, and

    extensive military experience.



    Don Kueny


    Retired Senior Chief Engineer of OMC. Expertise: Business, engineering, and manufacturing.

    Expert in marine and motorcycle accident investigation and litigation assistance.



    Karl Nilson


    President/Owner of Oceans Trading, LLC. International Trade Engineers. Expertise: Design

    evaluation and exhaust emissions specialist. Test driver/rider. Past Project Manager/

    Advanced Products at Harley Davidson.