Innovative Engineering:


    For over 30 years, AED has been a leader in designing, researching and developing innovative,

    state-of-the-art engines in the internal combustion industry, and has the capability to

    consult with you on projects both large and small.  We can provide technical assistance,

    program management, advanced technology research and product engineering, and

    manufacturing planning. AED has vast experience with diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, and multi-fuel

    reciprocating engines ranging in size from 2 to 650 + HP. Original Equipment Manufacturer

    (OEM) product uses include: industrial, recreational, marine, aircraft, automotive, and military.


    When you want to maximize your ability to create a successful new product or optimize an

    existing one to keep you ahead of the rapidly changing market – AED can provide you with

    knowledgeable, experienced, and innovative approaches. Contact us and let’s discuss your ideas!

 Services Provided:


    -Business and engineering consulting

    -New product concept analysis and development

    -Design and develop new engines from concept into production

    -Prototype manufacturing and assembly

    -Testing and developing both existing and new engines

    -Senior engineering program management in assistance with client and/or total program

    -Manufacturing methods, analysis, and production planning


    Every engineering program AED has undertaken has resulted in a running prototype engine

    meeting the client’s design objectives. In the process of producing these engines, AED has

    accumulated extensive knowledge in the disciplines of:


    -Creative engine design

    -Incorporating the latest component technologies

    -Advanced internal combustion processes

    -Injection system with electronic control

    -Heavy fuel burning engine designs

    -Converting gasoline powered engines to diesel and/or jet-fuel combustion




    AED, in partnership with its clients, provides innovative advanced engineering services in a timely

    and cost efficient manner. Flexibility in working arrangements and with great communication –

    the needs of AED's clients are its top priority.